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Step #1

Turn your Dreamcast™ over, remove the modem and all four screws from the bottom of the Dreamcast™.

Step #3

Remove the original Dreamcast™ power-supply from the Dreamcast™, set it aside.

Step #5

Using one of the screws from step two, secure the DreamPSU at location: 2. At location: 1, connect the Dreamcast™ power-button connector.

Step #2

Proceed to turn the Dreamcast™ right-side up, then remove the top of the Dreamcast™. Next, remove screws: 2 and 3. Once those have been removed, remove the power connector: 1.

Step #4

Secure the DreamPSU onto the Dreamcast™ where the original power-supply was. Thread the wire to the back of the Dreamcast™.

Step #6

Place the DC power-jack into the back of the console (as shown in the picture).

Final Step

Re-assemble the Dreamcast™, being sure to check all the connections and securing the case (Dreamcast™ case) with all four screws from earlier. Find somewhere safe to keep the screw left over from the original Dreamcast™ power-supply.

  Well done! You have just installed your DreamPSU!